We equip business leaders with the knowledge, tools and coaching to build a sustainable and scalable business.


We encourage each other through community, Bible-Fed advisory boards and prayer.


We energize people to live life on purpose.

Consult with Business Experts around the same table

Christian Business Fellowship (CBF) was created as a mutually-beneficial forum for business leaders. At CBF, you will learn from business experts, counsel with wise business leaders, and share your business experience.

CBF is all about relationships. Real relationships. Our small communities of leaders of similar-sized organizations provide you a vibrant peer group. We call them Christian Advisory Boards, or CABs. CAB members enjoy enriching give-and-take; learning while sharing your experience, and encouraging each other to accelerate success. CABs also provide something prized by leaders but rare in the marketplace: accountability.

The CAB experience is so rewarding and beneficial that we take placement into a CAB very seriously. There is a two-step orientation process for every candidate member and upon completion a Covenant to sign—memorializing members’ commitment to their peers and a modest monthly membership fee.

Learn from Business Experts


Earl is the founder of CBF and co-founder of N2 Publishing, a niche publications company serving over 650 neighborhoods in 49 states. Earl cut his teeth in door-to-door sales, while attending Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Upon graduation, he progressed to a record-breaking branch and division leadership positions before co-founding N2 in 2004. N2’s average growth per year has trended around 75% and has been recognized by Inc. 500 magazines as one of the top 20 fastest growing media companies in the U.S. for the past 5 years.


A professional entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses built under his belt, Joe is now operating partner at lifezone360 – a 125,000 sq. ft. talent stewardship facility in NW Chicago. Winner of numerous awards for his impact on global entrepreneurship, Joe is author of Entrepreneurial DNA (McGraw Hill 2011) – picked by entrepreneur magazine as one of the top business books to read in 2014. He has been featured on Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS and the Wall Street Journal as subject matter expert in small business, entrepreneurship and free enterprise.


With over two decades of international consulting in sales and marketing effectiveness, LaVon Koerner is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in diagnosing and transforming sales and marketing organizations. Since co-founding Revenue Storm in 2001, LaVon remains zealous in his pursuit to provide organizations a comprehensive suite of proven tools and techniques that drive profitable revenue growth. As Chief Revenue Officer, LaVon helps organizations like EDS, Sun Microsystems, Ericsson, British Telecom, Ernst and Young, and Microsoft achieve revenue acceleration through demand creation and reap immediate, sustainable gains.



From experienced subject matter experts on a wide range of topics, each teaching topic is relevant to a leader’s responsibilities and usually falls into one of these three categories:

  • Top Line
  • Practical Assessment & Operational Strategies
  • Personal Strategies

“The combination of wisdom for leading & running our business in a God honoring way is something I have never had & so cherish.”

-Jeff Naulge
Managing Partner @ Catalyst Career Group



Currently, CBF has multiple chapters that meet for teaching and fellowship once a month. The specific days in which we meet vary from chapter to chapter. Regardless, the agenda stays the same.

Monthly meetings take place at a local church in the mornings of a consistent day of the month (ex. 3rd Wednesday of each month) with the following itinerary:

7:45 – 8:00 Arrival & Networking
8:00 – 8:10 Announcements
8:10 – 9:10 Teaching
9:10 – 9:20 Break
9:20 – 10:30 CAB Time & Orientation
10:30 – 11:00 Networking (optional)

“I’ve been very inspired by the teaching and encouragement by other business leaders. To place God first in business is a new muscle to develop…I am truly blessed to be part of this journey.”

-Schalk van Niekerk
Business Development Executive @ Midwest Turned Products, Inc.


Sometimes it is just not prudent to ask advice of superiors or peers, and your friends and family don’t know first-hand the cultural climate at work. If you are an entrepreneur, friends and family usually cannot identify with your issues and trade organizations aren’t always the answer.

The Christian Advisory Board (CAB) is your solution. CABs are made up of people in similar-sized businesses or professions with varied levels of experience. The more senior members of a CAB provide wisdom and counsel, while the more junior members keep the group fresh and on-trend.

• Active participation during “CAB Time” at the monthly CBF meetings
• One monthly meeting, meal, skype, or call in addition to the monthly meetings
• Further participation as prompted, such as…

• A CAB peer is faced with a situation you have dealt with and you can lend timely counsel
• You are faced with a crisis or critical decision and your CAB is offering specific counsel to you
• You share a hobby with one or more of your CAB peers, and spend some leisure time with them or their family

“From the teaching of the leadership at CBF I’ve been assisted in training of my firm’s first full-time employee. I have found the practical teaching valuable with the early development of my new and existing staff.”

-Brian Wegrzyn
President & Owner @ Synergistic Financial Center