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God writes a story that is bigger than each of us. Here at Christian Business Fellowship, we encourage you to participate in that calling through a faith-based entrepreneurial community.

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Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Experience scripture-rooted business education, peer fellowship, and accountability structures that align your company’s strategy with God’s purpose. You’re not just running a business; you’re cultivating a mission.

Chapter Leaders

Looking for a way to serve your church that uses your business talents? We offer the support you need to champion a space where local business leaders can truly serve your church.


Christian Business Fellowship gives you as a pastor the ministry pathway to engage business leaders to help build the church and to create an elder/leader pipeline.

Christian Business Fellowship


Grow With a Supportive Community

Christian Business Fellowship offers a global network infused with faith-driven values, delivering monthly teachings, communal support, and a pathway for impact that empowers every aspect of your life’s work.


At Christian Business Fellowship, we deliver high-impact monthly teachings that offer practical ways to enhance both your business and personal life.


You are not alone. Within a CBF chapter, receive encouragement for your journey and meaningful support for both your business endeavors and spiritual milestones.


Engage with a practical community of Christian entrepreneurs, providing clear pathways for making a substantial impact in your business, community, and church.


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Find out what sets the Christian Business Fellowship apart, in the words of our own members.

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Where Vision Meets Divine Mission

Christian Business Fellowship stands at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and faith, offering an unwavering beacon of guidance for business owners seeking more than just commercial success. The fellowship—envisioned and led by a community of seasoned Christian entrepreneurs—nurtures a space where business strategy and biblical principles converge to create companies of purpose, service, and impact.