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Filling the Void – LaVon Koerner

The second desire is this area that He wants us to feel supported. There is an emptiness, or God-shaped vacuum, that He’s put into our lives, and the only person who can fill it is Jesus. Now, you can try to fill it with other things, but before I get to that, this emptiness is usually called loneliness. Loneliness is really the symptom; it’s not the cause…

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The Truth About Branding: A Biblical Perspective on Visual Appearance

I’m sure you want me to cut to the chase and talk about how to deal with your logo, website, and other marketing materials. Let me start by asking you a question; have you ever encountered a business who’s product/service surpassed their visual appearance? They’re breaking the bank, but visually are very unattractive. How is this the case? Let’s get a biblical perspective on visual appearance…

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