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No business, large or small, has gone unaffected by this crisis. Many are facing extreme challenges. So we’re sharing resources that will equip you to navigate these uncertain times.

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Monthly Meetings

CBF meets monthly in 7 different locations across the nation. During the past few months we have gathered for all-chapter virtual meetings. We have kept these meetings as similar to our monthly meetings as possible, by including time for prayer, a devotional, teaching, and CAB groups. Register below to experience a monthly meeting and join us online!

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Webinar Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, Joe Abraham is hosting a live webinar. He hosts different guest speakers as they discuss different topics. Register below to attend the next live webinar!

webinar wednesdays weathering the storm
webinar wednesdays keys to innovation
webinar wednesday building a business in a time of crisis
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Business Shift Podcast

On The Business Shift Podcast, host Joe Abraham captures personal stories from business experts and CBF members about their experience in growing and developing their businesses. The stories are raw, and real, and inspiring.

Earl Seals

Earl Seals - Living for "The Moment"

Guest Speaker: Earl Seals
Founder, CBF
Co-Founder, The N2 Company

Leah Tatina

Leah Tatina - Divine Vision

Guest Speaker: Leah Tatina
Owner, Made Matchless

Joel Mathew

Joel Matthew - Sacrifice

Guest Speaker: Joel Matthew
Owner, Fortress Consulting

CBF Blog

Keep up with the latest legal information, business opportunities, and resources from our members and leadership.

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