To reach business leaders throughout the world through a membership experience that has been tested and refined to impact leaders at every level – from the seasoned entrepreneur to the corporate executive, to the start-up small business founder. We want to enrich and empower you and your community.


For CBF to consistently improve the quality of its deliverables to you, to achieve its mission, and fulfill its vision, it requires many forms of the resources entrusted to us by God. One of those resources is monetary funding, and that is why CBF requires a recurring monthly-paid membership fee based on the size of your business.

For all members, the first month of attendance during orientation is complimentary. Membership fees begin upon placement into your Christian Advisory Board (CAB) which also provide member with immediate access to our Membership Portal (the online portal to network within the CBF family) as well as access to CBF Academy (the online resource housing our business teaching library and various learning paths).


CBF Global incurs the costs of launching local chapters and after new chapters up and running.The balance of your membership fees go to:

  • chapter operating expenses
  • developing educational curriculum
  • organizing national conferences
  • creating administrative infrastructure to ensure CBF consistently improves the membership experience.


A short workbook and guide for understanding how to live a life of uncompromising character.

Deeply rooted in Biblical principles, and written from the viewpoint of a hard driving business leader, Business Shift – Doing Business Differently is relevant at every level of enterprise – from large corporations to small businesses and start-ups.



SESSION 1: Understanding Your Position by Recognizing Your Call

SESSION 2: Shifting Your Vision by Addressing Your Past

SESSION 3: Starting Afresh by Resetting Your Compass

SESSION 4: Gaining Wisdom by Applying Biblical Principals

SESSION 5: Weathering the Storms by Engaging Uncommon Weapons

SESSION 6: Learning to Rest by Releasing Control

SESSION 7: Leaving a Legacy by Training and Testimony