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Harness Spiritual Gifts in Leadership

Understanding and deploying the spiritual gifts of your congregation is crucial to flourishing. Through initiating a Christian Business Fellowship chapter, pastors can actively engage their most influential leaders, maximizing their potential at the nexus of faith and business. This is an opportunity not just to expand your influence but to spiritually enrich both your life and those around you, by transforming leadership into a conduit for collective growth and purpose.

The Value-Driven Leader’s Path

Embark on a fulfilling venture that not only elevates your financial prospects but also deepens your leadership skills. Train others in the art of blending faith with business expertise, and build a community that thrives on shared success.

Integrate Faith and Business

Host a Chapter in Your Church

Engage High Capacity Leaders in Your Church

As a pastor, you’re constantly looking for a way to help each member of your church grow in their faith. By hosting a Christian Business Fellowship chapter, you offer a platform for entrepreneurial church members to deepen their faith, align their businesses with their beliefs, and contribute meaningfully to the life of the church, far beyond the material.

Provide Opportunities for Your Church Members

Create a community that encourages your high capacity leaders to invest their entrepreneurial skills in the service of God’s kingdom, fostering growth, engagement, and a spirit of generosity that echoes the early church’s vibrant vitality.

Forging a Legacy with Faith-Driven Leadership

Integrating a CBF chapter into your church doesn't just empower entrepreneurs—it cultivates a legacy of leadership that echoes through generations. Engaging your entrepreneurial members will encourage them to step up next to church elders and strengthen their local church together, inspiring a tradition of faithful stewardship and impactful service throughout your congregation.